All travel arrangements must be made no less than 72 hours in advance. 50% deposit is necessary prior to departure.

Minimum 1 day booking requirement for domestic travel

Minimum 2 day booking requirement for international travel

** I reserve all accommodations; all costs of accommodations must be paid in addition too deposit. Honorarium does not include traveling expense



Deposit & Cancellations

If cancellation is necessary, please notify at least 48 hours in advance of the engagement

Last minute cancellations will be subject to 50% cancellation fee for the amount of time reserved.

Cancellations wreak havoc on my schedule and livelihood, and chip away at trust and my sense of security in our relationship. When an issue become a noticeable pattern, it’s handled by requiring 50% non-refundable deposit for the amount of time reserved.


** All engagements scheduled more than 48 hours in advance require 50% deposit to guarantee our time together.


To book an engagement with me & for more information about my arrangements, please fill out booking form or send me an email:


Verification is through 1 of 3 methods:

1.    P411, and Date Check.

2.    Two provider references including their phone number, websites, and email addresses. 

3.    Your first name, middle initial, and last name, company e-mail address, company website, office main phone + your extension, cell phone.


*Date-Check members:  Please contact me directly from your Date-checked account. I require 2 referrals from reputable providers. 

*P411 members: Please have 3 or more recent okays from the past 6 months, and always contact me via P411 directly. Send me a screening or appointment request for faster screening & booking! 

I understand the discomfort of sharing personal information, however, it is far outweighed by my discomfort risking personal safety and security by bypassing this step. If this is an issue for you we are incompatible.